Burton-Conner is an undergraduate MIT dormitory that is home to over 350 residents during the school year. Burton-Conner is on the west side of the MIT campus, building W51. The dorm consists of nine floors—five on the Burton side, four on the Conner side—each of which has its own unique personality.

The student government in Burton-Conner House consists of the Executive Committee (ExecComm). The House Officers run the House Meetings, during which activities are planned, budgets are approved, and other Coordinators are elected. The dorm receives a portion of the housing fee each semester, and additional funding for most activities is provided by RLSLP. Most of the activities in Burton-Conner occur on an individual floor basis, while large activities and expensive purchases are typically funded by the dorm. The floors govern themselves separately from the overall house government.

The institute provides support for the residents in the guise of the Housemaster, the House Manager, and 9 graduate resident tutors (one for each floor). These people provide emotional support and advice, and they act as liaisons between residents and the institute when necessary. Burton-Conner is also an active member of the institute-wide Dormitory Council (DormCon), in which the House President is a voting member.

Within each floor, rooms are separated into suites consisting of between 4 and 9 residents. The residents of a suite share a (multiple-occupancy) bathroom and a kitchen. Most suites are co-ed. The residents of Burton-Conner are generally social, but the dorm itself is not known for its parties. Floors engage in many different activities, including paintball, camping, going to theatrical shows, skiing, shopping, and simply going out for dinner. Every floor participates in intramural sports, and dorm-wide competitions are scheduled regularly. Although the floor is the strongest social unit in the dorm, inter-floor and dorm-wide activities occur frequently and are often well attended. Recent events that the dorm has sponsored include whale watching, white-water rafting, dinner cruises, karaoke nights, evenings at Jillian’s arcade, catered dinners, palm reading evenings, and amusement park trips.

The dorm provides many amenities for its residents. These include a big-screen TV lounge, a SnackBar, ping-pong, pool, and air hockey tables, vending machines, a laundry room, a weight room, barbecue pits, study carrels, a library, an Athena cluster and printers, a quickstation, a copy machine, a drafting room, several conference rooms, music rooms, a bike room, free video rentals, and other services from the Front Desk (vacuums, spare keys, package drop-off/pick-up, mail forwarding, change, directory assistance, etc.) Burton-Conner is located in the center of the west campus of MIT, within a 5 minute walk of the boat house, the athletics center, the student center, and main campus (the infinite corridor). Most upperclassmen rooms have a fabulous view of the Boston skyline, looking out across the Charles River. The dorm is not air-conditioned, but it does have elevators. The housekeeping staff, under supervision of the House Manager, is on duty Monday through Friday to maintain the cleanliness of the common areas of the dorm, including the suite kitchens and bathrooms. Burton-Conner also has a full-time mechanic to fix anything that needs repairs in the dorm.

The uncrowded capacity of Burton-Conner is 344 undergraduate students. The residents are divided among 218 single-occupancy rooms and 63 multiple-occupancy rooms. Uncrowded multiple-occupancy rooms contain 2 residents. In a typical level of crowding, the dorm holds 370 undergraduate students, and some of the larger doubles are converted to triples (this usually only happens to Freshmen rooms).

Burton-Conner is locked 24 hours a day. Between the hours of 12:00 AM (midnight) and 8:00 AM, a nightwatchman makes rounds of the dorm, and is able to open doors for residents who are accidentally locked out.


If you have any questions please contact us by email! The phone number listed is for contacting the front desk only.

(617) 253-3261