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About FLEX

Hey there, chief! Welcome to BC! Here's some information on our dorm's unique floor exploration (FLEX) process:

When you get here: don’t unpack too much because your rooms are temporary! As you may know, Burton-Conner is home to what a random alumni once called “a delicious stew of nine unique floors, each seasoned with its own culture, history, and artistic aesthetic.” Thus we allow you (yes, you!!) to explore these 9 different floors to figure out where you will fit in best and find the home where you’ll feel the most comfortable. Upperclassmen will also help you move your stuff after FLEX, so don’t stress about this.

Timeline of FLEX

  • August 28-31 - REX: REX is a time for you to explore all MIT dorms have to offer! Visit dormcon.mit.edu/rex for more info on REX, and if you're already in BC, feel free to attend events from other dorms. We also encourage you to attend events hosted by each floor during REX to explore where you want to live in BC.

  • August 31 morning - FYRE moves: If you're moving dorms to move into BC, this is when you move!

  • August 31 7-10pm - FLEX: Floor exploration happens now! This is when you get to visit all 9 floors of BC and find your community by talking to some real residents about what their dorm life is like! Partway through, we’ll release a form due at 11pm that’ll have you rank your preferences, make staple groups, and answer some personality questions to help our RACs (Rooming Assignment Chairs) place you onto a floor.

  • September 1 8am - Floor assignments released: At 8am, everyone will gather in the Porter Room on the first floor of BC where floor assignments will be announced. Then, you'll get a room (and potentially some new roommates too!) in your new floor through each floor's separate process. Don't worry about your stuff: upperclassmen will help you out with your move.

Congrats! You're now officially a new member of Burton-Conner!

About our floors

April 2022 FLEX pamphlet