Conner 3

You don't have to be Irish, but we sure hope you like green

Welcome to the Irish floor! Made up of members with diverse identities and interests, our 31 residents bond over communal cooking, media consumption, and general merriment. If you’re interested in BANGIN birthday celebrations, jerseys with names only your floormates understand, and trying not to freeze making fond memories during floor retreat, we know just the place ;)

Current Members


Harley Carroll

Derek Chen

Lex Coston

Pari Latawa

Lawrence Long

Kanna Pichappan

Nathra Ramrajvel

Sophie Thompson

Jolin Yang

Angela Zhang


Veronica Chen

Anne Gvozdjak

Shantelle Ortiz

Nitu Renganathan

Ashley Wang

Alice Zhao

Amanda Zhu


Allison Heffan

Rebecca Lizarde

Ariel Mobius

Olivia Rosenstein

Sarah Wei


Ella Berrey

Charlotte Gump

Carly Long

Joseph Morales

Grace Song

Utheri Wagura

Alex Canepa 

Our GRAs: Sami Yamani and Mollie Surprenant

Sami is from Iran and is currently earning his PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He's an experimentalist which means he has a lot of patience and unending curiosity for understanding how things work. He enjoys running, trying new restaurants, and making saffron rice! Mollie is a Elementary and Middle school Library Director. She is passionate about early childhood education and literacy. She can find a great book for even the most reluctant readers! When she isn't in her classroom she enjoys swimming, traveling home to Vermont, berry picking and mostly importantly... eating saffron rice. The last thing we want you to know about us is that we are passionate believers that canned cranberry sauce is far superior than its homemade counterpart.




REX 2022

Freshman Dinner


Study Breaks + IFAFs*

C3 x B4 Smoothies


C3 x C4 Baking

Chocolate Fondue

Mural Archive**

Still want more? 

Read Sam M '07's blogs for occasional C3 content

old C3 website from the depths of the internet

Come meet us this spring at CPW!

*IFAF = InterFloor Activity Fund: we get money to have activities with other floors of BC!

**Why is there a mural archive, you ask? Before renovations, students were allowed to paint on the walls in their rooms, suites, hallways and lounges. Muraling was a big part of our dorm's culture, and we're sad that we've lost this avenue of expression. It's a cause we care about and hope to bring back one day.