The Burton Third Bombers

a living community united by our love of mischief, laughter, and all things orange

hey y’all! we’re the Burton Third Bombers, a living community that calls Burton Conner home. we’re known for general mayhem and mischief, many of the littest parties on campus, and more orange and black than you could ever ask for. read more about the Bombers here!!

come meet us at REX!

awakenings and bakeningsSunday 7/27, 10:03rd AM - 12:03rd PM, B3rd Center Suite (341)
sports ballSunday 7/27, 2:03rd PM - 3rd:03rd PM, Briggs Field in front of BC

waldo's wet and wild wager

Sunday 7/27, 4:03rd PM - 5:03rd PM, B3rd Flounge

marital struggles

Monday 7/28, 4:03rd PM - 5:03rd PM, B3rd Flounge

strange meats

Monday 7/28, 6:33rd PM - 8:33rd PM, BC Grills

no more table

Tuesday 7/29, 1:33rd PM - 2:33rd PM, B3rd Flounge

jarred and feathered

Tuesday 7/29, 5:33rd PM - 6:33rd PM, B3rd Flounge

deep talks with shallow people

Tuesday 7/29, 8:03rd PM - 9:03rd PM, B3rd Flounge


Wednesday 7/30, 7:03rd PM - 10:03rd PM, B3rd Flounge