Burton 1

the boners

we are the gray blue space between order and chaos.

Squeeze through the bars to the 51 roof

4am in the flounge there’s food like poof

Throw it back to the wall

Throw it up in the 41 stall

Pset under strobe lights

Everything’s alright

Lecture crawl: will you make it all night?

hmm this bonergiving dinner just don't look quite right

Row, row, row the canoe

gently down the infinite

The fridge, the floor, the toilet paper blue

And if you live here, so are you

Dance till your knee goes and dislocates

Prance through the suite it’s time for stuDY brEaK

A rough day at the tute just make a call

And to go scream at the river do we all

We dj, we dance, we scoot up and down the hall

We sing the box in acapella

Wait, who made that hole in the wall?

Hang out with us at REX:

bone (b1) app the teeth - sunday 8-9 PM - 133 suite

gettin j1ggy wit 1t - monday 2:30-3:30 PM - BC dance studio

b-oner carn1val - monday 3:30-5 PM - BC courtyard

everything is b1ue - tuesday 8-9 PM - 141 suite