Conner 5

C-lit, Cozy, C-section, Crispy, and C-ow


we are c5, the dino floor!

c5 likes activities like bougie dinners and museum tours to screaming karaoke and hands-free pie eating contests. you can find us having deep conversations about anything from deep reinforcement learning and ai safety to our dumb, sweet, chaotic feelings. here on c5 we have fun, we care about each other, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. because once the meteor strikes, our dino existence just becomes a mystery. so let’s give the future humans interesting stories to unearth. 

Come for (T)REX!

rock, paper, scissors, (and) shoot

Sunday 3-5pm

BC C5Lounge

dough nut

Monday 7-8pm

BC C5Lounge

bored games

Tuesday 9-11pm

BC C5Lounge



Meteor Strikes Avoided

Indigenous Living Community



Residents are encouraged to participate in community activities as much as they are able in order to foster greater relationships and intracommunity support.