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REX is a great time to get to know the real stars of Burton Conner: our floors! Each floor hosts their own REX events, which you can find in the (crazy) schedule to the left or at the DormCon REX site and filtering by Burton Conner. 

Read on to find some more info about the floors and also our dorm-wide events!

Dorm Events

Mickey Mouse Club House 

Tuesday 7/29, 11:30 AM - 1 PM, TV Lounge

What does Mickey Mouse have? Mice. What does Ratatouille have? Powerpoint karaoke. What does Tom and Jerry have? Artistic masterpieces made of tape. Burton Conner has all of these. You could too. Be there.

Up in Smoke: Where is EC now? (Answer: BC)

Wednesday 7/30, 12 PM - 2 PM, Burton Conner Grills

You can’t light a building on fire without a building. Join BC and EC for burgers/veggie burgers and talk about living in a building that doesn’t exist. Our communities are stronger than the reinforced concrete holding us together and the walls separating us from the asbestos. 

Dorm Tours

Saturday 7/26, 8 PM - 9 PM   AND   Monday 8/20, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Some of our rooms have beds. Some have mice. Find out which are which. Tours leave every thirty minutes from front desk of BC. 

Our Floors

The b1ue area between order and chaos. Dancing so hard you dislocate your knee. The floor knowing your tea before you do. Swimming in thrift shop piles. Carrying a canoe through the Infinite in blue morph suits. Fancy baked cheese next to the bag of hot cheetos at B1 potlucks. Doing psets in strobe lights.

Burton 2

B2 is a racially/ethnically diverse and LGBTQ-friendly community that accommodates kosher dietary restrictions (when we have kitchens, rip). Our floor is a tight-knit, inclusive community with a huge range of interests so there are always shenanigans going on at any given time. B2 is full of curious, open, and spontaneous individuals who are excited to experience MIT together, and because of that our interests are very fluid and we're always down to try something new!

For 333rd years, Burton Third has been home to the rowdiest bunch of orange clad havoc-wreckers on campus. Our floor is many things - loud, brilliant, humorous, and most of all, family. With a rich history of hockey, hacking, and hosting the best parties on campus, there isn't much that the Bombers haven't done, and there's nothing we haven't done without a laugh. There are 33rd generations of traditions that we maintain with each incoming class of freshmen and we hope you will join our family this fall to preserve our most sacred tradition of all: keeping the Bomber Legacy alive.

If you ask people what Burton 4 means to them, their answers might widely vary. That’s because we’ll get ourselves into anything and everything, and we make sure our friends are right there with us. Whether it's painting a mural at 3am, cheering a friend on at their swim test, or helping hang a bicycle wheel from someone’s ceiling, you’ll always have someone by your side. Every Player’s story will involve a little bit of chaos, a good helping of fun, and a whole lot of family.

A diverse group who prides ourselves in 0 social obligation, if you ever are feeling overwhelmed, need a place to destress, or just kick it with some peeps, B5 (aka the Penthouse/Penthau5) is the place to be. Chill yet spontaneous, a bit sporty, together with an unhealthy obsession of food (esp. when it’s free), our open and welcoming community is always a great place to bring over your non-B5 friends and/or significant others to add to the wide range of personality and humor that abounds. We’re always open to suggestions, so even if one thing isn’t your cup of tea, it’s a sure bet that something we do is gonna eventually be right down your alley.

C2 - also known as the British Floor - is a friendly and welcoming community that has no actual Brits on it. We’re big fans of concerts, cooking, funky art, and winning Apple Bake year after year! Come check us out if you like banging pots and pans and fun birthday celebrations, we can’t wait to meet you!

Conner 3

Conner 3 is a community that becomes like family. We’re a laid back bunch that know how to go hard when the time comes. What makes us special you might ask? Why it’s our weekly study breaks featuring homemade snacks, midnight birthday serenades accompanied with cake and a chance of rain, and our classic floor jerseys.

Conner 4

C4 is one of the chillest floors around—no matter the time of day, you can always find someone just vibing in the flounge or in the suites. (Yes, this includes 5 AM.) We love anything puzzle and word-game related, and you can be sure to catch us doing the NYT daily crossword every night at 10 PM. The in-person birthday celebrations are spectacular and our homemade Spindrift™Christmas trees perfectly complement our Secret Santas. Drop by anytime!

C5 is the dino floor! C5 likes activities like bougie dinners and museum tours to screaming karaoke and hands-free pie eating contests. You can find them having deep conversations about anything from deep reinforcement learning and ai safety to our dumb, sweet, chaotic feelings. On C5, people have fun, care about each other, and don’t take themselves too seriously. Because once the meteor strikes, their dino existence just becomes a mystery. And the rest is for the future humans to unearth.